Batman Movies

Batman Movies
Analysing purpose:
write about, In the batman movies, compare Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Heath Ledger’s Joker-two different, actors, two different directors, and two very different interpretations. What differs and why? What sort of thesis statement can you create? What evidence do you have(or would you need to research) to support your thesis?

– Focus on the rhetoric of the text
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The introduction part of Batman movies

In carrying out purpose analysis of Batman movies, the paper will use of rhetoric to evaluate how rhetoric devices and appeals succeed in persuading the audience. Major focus will be on the text rather than the visuals or the audios of the movies. Delving deeper, the Jack Nicholson joker and Heath Ledger joker in Batman movies will be the main focus of purpose analysis. Although both jokers are featured in Batman movies written by different directors, have different characters and have different interpretations, their differences will be integral part in this paper.

Since rhetoric refers to the art of persuasion, the paper will do its analysis through observing the interaction between the individual who is trying to persuade and the target of persuasion. In this case, both the jokers are the persuaders and the targets are the other characters in the movies.

Rhetorical devices or rhetoric is an art used by author or speaker when communicating to the audience with the main purpose of persuasion (Weingart 2003). Although the devices may evoke emotion, the primary idea is persuasion. Some of the rhetorical devices are: alliteration, assonance, metaphor, irony and repetition to mention just but a few. When using the rhetoric devices, the author persuades the audience through the appeal of these rhetorical devices. The appeal may either be Logo-use of logical ideas, pathos-evoking audience emotion and ethos-making the information credible.

Literary devices used by the Jokers

Persuading to kill

The joker Heath Ledger in Dark Knight Movie uses sarcastic humor to persuade the bank manager in viewing his motives as well as intended.  Heath justifies his action of placing a grenade in manager’s mouth by sarcastically telling him that “what does not kill you… simply makes you stranger.”  Manager’s reaction of not uttering a word after the grenade is placed in his mouth indicates that he allows Heath to take away his life (Kane, J 2011).

On the contrary, Jack Nicholson uses parody to make his victim Grissom agree with his intention of killing him. He tactfully convinces Grissom by making him feel hopeless and frightened. When he tells him that, “I’ve died once already. It wasn’t so bad… in fact, I recommend it, ” he is trying to show him that dying is something to look forward to.  Both jokers in these scenarios have an intention of killing their victims, but they are using different rhetorical devices to make them surrender……………………….

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