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The reading assignment for the NCDPI reading is “Standard V – Teachers Reflect on Their Practice,” and “Standard VI – Teachers Demonstrate Contribute to the Academic Success of Their Students,” both found on page 12.


North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) (2012). North Carolina professional teaching standards. In North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process. Raleigh, NC: NC Department of Public Instruction. Retrieved from http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/effectiveness-model/ncees/instruments/teach-eval-manual.pdf


Chapter 10; “Ethical and Legal Issues in the United States” Your Introduction to Education


Chapter 11; “Governing and Financing Public Schools” Your Introduction to Education.


Reflection Paper:


First, visit the NC Teacher Working Conditions Website. After visiting the website, go to the most recent posted version of the survey in North Carolina. In the survey, find the results for the school where you are assigned for your student teaching experience. Note, if you are already in the public school classroom, use the school where you are employed. If you are employed at a private school or at another location, use a school in your home district (Where you live or where your children attend school). Read the survey results for the school. Your reflection essay will need to answer the following question, “How would teachers describe the area where I work?” Be thorough with your essay as you will use the data gathered in the innovation plan project.


During your responses, you will need to reference the assigned readings. Please be sure to use the textbook chapters as sources speculating what impact governing, funding, and the courts have on the working conditions of people within the school. All in-text citations and references at the end of the reflection paper should follow APA Format. Grading will use the rubric found in Moodle

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