Letter space for letter K to do ? Design a letterform of letter K that is informed by a place, space or location that you encounter in your everyday life. Make a visual and/or a conceptual connection between your given letter Think about using media that is relevant for the space or the idea you have. Think about how the visual layout of a poster, sequence of pages or timing of a moving image can reinforce the presentation of your chosen space. How do I do make my letterform ? You can use an existing font, a found letter or a new bespoke letter that you If necessary, refer back to the range of exercises we gave you in week 2 for some starting points. Or you can try something else. and your chosen place or location. design specially for this project. Gather information about space. Investigate a variety of possible places, spaces and locations. Walk. Look. Find. Visit. Think. Remember. Look for letterforms. Ask more questions. Dont just Google. Whats the history of your given letter ? You will need to investigate your letter its history and its usage. What does your letter mean to you and what do you associate with it ? Look for existing depictions of your letterform and record interesting ways your letter has been represented. Find things that look like letters in spaces you visit. If you are able to. Perhaps your letter is disguised as something else. How many different ways can you write your letter ? What does your letter feel like ? How would you describe your letter in words ? What are your favourite fonts ? Write down why. Compare different glyphs. Tell us what you find. What do other people think your letter stands for or represents ? Ask some other people about your letterform. Ask them which places, spaces, locations it makes them think of. Studentship Research You should have some visual material with annotations for at least two of the areas we suggested last week. Silver star if youve pushed this beyond the starting point we suggested. Gold star if youve started looking into other areas that werent on our list, especially if youve looked beyond The university , a bookshop, a gallery, a cinema. Development You should have experimented with and tested some letterforms using at least two of the suggestions we made last week. Silver star if youve pushed an idea beyond just copying something. Gold star if youve developed your own technique, process or system for making letterforms. Application You should have identified an idea for presenting a finished letterform but it might not be fully finished yet. Silver star if you have a finished idea. Gold star if youve developed a presentation using multiple letterforms. Monday 28 September Critique and feedback Here are some reasons we critique your work This weeks tutor group seminar is a critique of your work-in-progress. Try to get as many letterforms as you can to a finished stage. The critique is online so think about how youre going to digitize your work if you havent done so already. Photographs or scans are fine. Think about using Padlet or something similar to keep everything in one place. ? Feedback Crit is short for critique it means : to review or analyse critically. You are asked to share some of the ideas youve had so far an hopefully a finished letterform or two. In return you will get some feedback about what youve made. In the crit well aim to identify the things in your work that are successful as well as areas for improvement. ? The crit is a chance to learn about presenting your work Different people adapt to presentation in different ways and at different speeds. Most people find it nerve-racking. Some people love it. Its not easy and it does take practice to get better at. Verbal presentation is a vital aspect of the design process and its difficult to progress as a designer without it. On this course we like to get your presentation skills started early on, but gently does it. The crit is small, just your tutor and your tutor group. We wont ask anyone to speak who is uncomfortable doing so, but please let your tutor know in advance if this is how you feel. We wont ask anyone to show work if theyre really uncomfortable doing so. Again, please let your tutor know in advance. Its important to attend the crit even if you have no work to show yet. Perhaps especially if you have no work to show yet so you can see how your peer group are getting on. Its often helpful to see other work even if youre own work is not developing as fast as youd like. Its a basic professional courtesy to inform your tutor if youre unable or dont want to attend. We wont tell you off, but it is useful to know why. Studentship : What else did you do during this unit ? The crit this week marks the halfway point of the project and its a good Evaluation You should have described some of the thoughts behind your research ? The crit is a chance to see work made by your peer group Design is essentially a collaborative process. We often work in teams idea to think about these questions now in relation to what youve achieved so far and then update your answers at the end of the unit. and development ideas in your on-going annotation. Silver star if there is some critical analysis, not just descriptive content. Gold star if youve developed new ideas in light of your critical analysis. (professionally) and you can learn a lot from your peer group. And they can learn a lot from you . ?

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