A. Influence of Piaget/Erikson Developmental Theory

The research assignment will require an understanding of the Developmental theories of Piaget and/or Erikson. 

1. You will provide an explanation of how either one of these theories has influenced your developmental life.

2. The assignment must be 5 pages typewritten (double-spaced) and must include an understanding of your own personal development.

3. Please do NOT list/define the theories/stages but instead APPLY the theories/stages to your own personal life and development.

4. Use your own ideas/personal life to critically analyze Piaget’s and/or Erikson’s developmental theories.

Basic Requirements and Grading Criteria for Research Assignment:
1.    Content (quality of paper)
2.    Input of OWN ideas and critical thinking
3.    Organization and flow of the papers
4.    Title page (includes Title, your name, class time/day)
5.    Minimum of 5 typewritten (double-spaced) pages
6.    Standard 12 point type
8.    Margins no wider than 1 on all sides
9.    Must be submitted as a Microsoft WORD document

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