Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

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‘Two friends were caught up in a school shooting, but only suffered minor physical injuries. Following this event, only one of them developed post-traumatic stress disorder, which had a significant impact on their quality of life. The other was able to carry on with life as it was before the incident. With reference to both theory and evidence, critically discuss why only one of them would develop PTSD but not the other'

I need a page that talks specifically ONLY about hypothetically if the child who didn't get PTSD had treatment straight after the event. The treatment can be about either 1)Targeting neurological factors, 2)Psychological factors, 3)Social factors or 4)Neuropsychosocial factors.

It can only us journal articles and not websites or books. The journal article used need to provide evidence that whichever treatment used,has shown to prevent somebody getting PTSD after a traumatic incident.

I have put four for number of sources but feel free to use less or more.


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