Advocacy letter

Research a current topic within the last 5 years related to how an Nurse practitioner practices or a topic that affects patient care provided by the Nurse practitioner. Discuss what the issue is, who it affects in a letter to the assemblyman. In a letter to the assemblyman, state your position on the issue and 2-3 reasons why this issue is so important to you and the public. Begin by clearly identifying the issue(s) in a specific rule, regulation, statute, policy that you want to address. Clearly state why you are supportive or in opposition of the proposed rule, regulation, bill, etc.  For informed, research-based comments, its important that you cite research findings supportive to your position.  However, you want to present theses finding s in a straight forward, easy to understand manner.  Comments for legislators and others should be written so that the average person can understand the arguments being made.  Remember that its important to establish a clear, well-supported position versus impressing the reader with your academic acumen. If you are referencing a specific word, clause, sentence within a rule or bill document, be sure to indicate its location in the document (e.g. by page, paragraph, line etc.). Its important to confine your discussion to the rule, regulation, etc. of interest.  It becomes confusing to the reader if you begin to weave in other rule, regulatory, or legislative references into your comment.  You want to provide a focused, targeted comment. If you are in opposition to a proposed rule , regulation, bill etc. it is critically important that you provide a clear recommendation of how you think it should be changed or what action you want the addressee to take.

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