After reading Dreamland, watching Chasing Heroin, and doing your own research what/who do you believe is responsible for the present opiate epidemic, what could have been done to avoid it, and what is being done now to solve it?

a title that relates to your specific ideas
an introductory paragraph that provides a hook and describes the main ideas in your essay
a thesis statement that sums up your main point, including both your claim and reasons in support of your claim
Body paragraphs (approximately 4-5) that provide support for and relate to your thesis, showing strong unity
Include specific evidence in the form of a quote or paraphrase from the following:
At least THREE pieces of direct evidence (quote or paraphrase) from Dreamland
At least TWO pieces of evidence from your own research on the topic
This source should be a credible book and/or newspaper, magazine or journal article.
References should add to the conversation not reiterate what was said in Dreamland
cite anything that is not common knowledge–give credit to Dreamland
Optional: Reference to Chasing Heroin
Referencing these class readings is not required but encouraged
Quotes should be properly introduced in a signal phrase and related to your topic. When integrating evidence effectively into this paper, you need to introduce the source, the main point of the source, the point you will make with the quote, the quote, explain the quote in your own words, and then relate the quote to the larger point you are making.
a concluding paragraph that reflects upon your main point and leaves the reader with the strong sense of why the ideas in the essay are important

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