Air Traffic Control

Consider visiting some FAA and other aviation websites to search for an article or press release regarding a component of the Air Traffic Control system (ATC): Global Positioning System (GPS), Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS), and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), etc.

You may need your ERNIE login credentials to access some of the following resources:

FAA: NextGen (Links to an external site.)
FAA: Air Traffic (Links to an external site.)
FAA News (Links to an external site.) – do a search for press releases or the FAA Briefing Magazine (download magazine and feature articles)
ERAU Research Guide: DAV 735 – Current Practices and Future Trends in Aviation (Links to an external site.)
Then visit the Hunt Library, (Links to an external site.) and research for an article that supports your topic, if possible. Explain your topic and name its source or sources; does it defend the need for an updated National Air Space System?

Explain and correlate the subject matter in terms of updating the safety and efficiency of the National Air Space System.

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