Alice Programming Assignment 5

(Use Alice Software)

A common exercise is teaching someone a new language is to show the person familiar objects and ask for the word for that object.  In this exercise, you are to write a simple vocabulary builder to help someone learn the Spanish word for cat.  The scene shows a cat sitting on the grass and three Spanish words (3D text) displayed in front of the cat.  The user is expected to click on the correct Spanish word for cat.  A click on any other object will not work and causes the cat to shake his head “left to right”, “right to left”  indicating that the choice was incorrect).  If the user clicks on “gato” the cat will say “Si Si” with no head shaking. 

Write a function (isGato) that returns true if the word (a 3D text object) selected is “gato” and false otherwise.  Add a congratulation billboard after the correct word is chosen.  Change the opacity of the false word so that it is no longer visible.

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