I want to write my allegory project about the effect of the perception of life has on people. I believe that if you have a positive and optimistic perspective of life, you grow and develop more healthy and wiser. Vice versa, if youre always grumpy and pessimistic, youll die unhappy and unsatisfied. My story will be about 2 characters who are both given the same amount if nurturement needed. One will have a pessimistic personality and will, therefore, die quicker and unhappy. The other one will have a brighter and happier personality, and will eventually live a longer life and be more optimistic. There will be 2 more characters who each watch over each of the main characters. They will be affected by the main characters and will each have a different response to them. My first character is a plant who is given a sufficient amount of sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. It has a positive perspective of life and will therefore, live happier and healthier. This plant represents people who are given a decent job, a good income, a happy family and fortunately, they think its more than enough and are more than grateful for all their blessings. My second character is another plant and is also given a sufficient amount of sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. It, on the other hand, has a negative perspective of life and will die unhappy and sick. This represents people who also have a good job, a sufficient income and a happy family, yet they dont think its enough and are always thinking about how to get more without realizing that what they have is all they need. My 2 side characters will be gardeners who care for these plants and check in on them regularly, and they represent those who are affected by these people.

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