American Golf Corporation, petitioner Vs. The Superior Court Of Los Angeles County, respondent; Albert Becker, Real party in interest

1. Citation. Give the full citation for the case, including the name of the case, the date it was decided, and the court that decided it.
2. Facts. Briefly indicate (a) the reasons for the lawsuit; (b) the identity and arguments of the plaintiff (s) and defendant(s), respectively ; and (c) the lower court’s decision– if appropriate.
3. Issue. Concisely phrase, in the form of a question, the essential issue before the court. (if more than one issue is involved, you may have two–or even more questions here.)
4. Decision. Indicate here with a “yes” or “no”, if possible — the court’s answer to the question (or questions) in the issue section above.
5. Reason. Summarize as briefly as possible the reasons given by the court for its decision (or decisions) and the case for statutory law relied on by the court in arriving at its decision.

An example of the format and how it should be done is provided in the uploaded materials along with the case itself.

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