An understanding of the diverse academic

Provide specific examples of your work experience that demonstrates your sensitivity to, and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, faculty and staff.

About me
As a seasoned Kaiser Permanente employee, I have a history that runs deep within the organization. For 19 years. I am a pharmacy technician at Montebello and a Union Steward. It started in Baldwin Park, California, where I participated in the Kaiser Summer Youth Program while still in high school, embodying the strong work ethic that I was thought and believed in. After high school, I attended the California State University of Long Beach and received my Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts in performance acting. After graduation, I submerge myself with healthcare leaders to have a better understanding of the industry, which I decided to further my education and obtain a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Southern California from the Sol Price School of Public Policy.

I have been involved in pharmacy in various locations and had demonstrated an understanding of how the pharmacy world operates. I understand how to budget the pharmacy inventory and family practice clinic orders. As the role model of the pharmacy, management has given me the responsibility to pre-audit the pharmacy and family clinics. I do this by checking to see if the facility is following rules and regulations that follow state laws.

Also, I am a UBT member (unit-based team) as well as a Union Steward for Kaiser in the Baldwin Park area. As a UBT member, my role is to improve care for the department and our members. As a pharmacy tech, I am on the front line inpatient care.  I see and hear patients concerns about how to improve their experience at the pharmacy. Also, I am a Union Steward. I work closely with our Union Rep to ensure they demonstrate reliable and ethical practices following union rules and labor laws while working with both management and non-management employees.

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