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Renewable Energy
Research about wind power in the Uk
Including  :-
1. How wind power generated?
2. The uk wind power resources?
3. Talk about wind power ( offshore , onshore) How much might onshore wind contribute to the UKs energy mix?
4. What are the environmental impacts of onshore wind?
5. Capacity Credit
6. Time dependency of wind generation.
7. Places it situated?
8. How much energy can be produce on a typical day ? Is electricity from the wind reliable?
9. Maintenance
10. Cost
11. Lifespan
12. Benefits
13. Facts
14. Ethics
15. Statistics (date,graph etc)
16. Decommissioning
17. Will building wind farms help prevent global warming?

This what the research need to be included its fine not in order and thanks.

Reference ( Harvard)
10 reliable sources with the page of used to be included .

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