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For me, it would all depend upon the type of data set that is in question. I wouldnt think data set relating to a specific clinic would be pertinent to public use. If it was regarding the data for a specific service, then I could see a better argument as to why it might be good to release to the public. The reason why, is that its more important to be able to compare like services against competition. While data for the specific clinic is really only important to the facility. Its something that the VA hospital system does, providing data pertinent to the type of care demanded (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2020). We dont share individual clinic data, which is more of the data that I work with. This is because its more important for me to know how were utilizing our clinics then it is for the public. I do understand how the micro level of data that I work with impacts the larger more general data. Regardless of the type of data released, if a person cant understand it then its worthless to them. Not properly understanding it can lead to potentially poor choices.


Department of Veterans Affairs (2020) Hospital compare data. Retrieved from

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