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Nursing has always responded to the needs of society.  This narrative final exam will help each one review the relevance of legislation and politics re: improving the healthcare system of the US as well as the patient outcomes of the populatons.

Choose a time in our history that interests you, identify and describe the US health care system that was in place at that time.  What were the social determinants of health as related to the population you’ve identified?  Topics of interest should include:

political philosophy,

policy process,

changing and financing of the US Healthcare System,

legislation and initiative presented and passed,

evaluation and outcome measurement; is it effective?

how nursing advocacy and leadership were demonstrated.

3 appropriate references  No less than 5 years
Now for clarification:  In an overview of the course we have examined  the process of developing policies from a specific lens, i.e. the US health care system and the role of the nurse as advocate and leader.  This focused on heath care delivery and finance; can you recall several of the issues discussed?  How did health care change specific to mental health disparities,  women’s reproductive?  There are many other concerns within the  communities, these do not stand alone; there is government involvement, workplace concerns (safety, staffing).  The introduction to our associations,  and consider how coalitions provided a positive view of how to solve problems.

My hope is to see critical thinking, with creative writing indicative of the leadership and advocate role.

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