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In A nutshell: You are creating a business idea from scratch, how would you build it? the idea is : a small elderly care facility for the elderly to live in.

Business Venture :
Idea is a Boarding care facility for the elderly where people of ages 60 plus stay in. The boarding care home will have 6-8 beds and each bed goes for 5,000 dollars baseline price a month to stay. . This is basically a single story house bought and converted into a elderly residential facility. The pros of this is it is cheaper than a nursing home. A nursing home is where the elderly stay and it can cost 7-8k a month, a at home setting like a daycare center for a kid for the elderly is cheaper.

The idea: Boarding care facility for elderly with 8 rooms total. Single room charges at 6,000 , a double bed room 5, 500.  If level of care of elderly patient requires more help (assistance getting out of bed, more bathing help) then it goes up by 500 dollars a month.

Employees: 2 caregivers in the day time in facility and 1 caregiver at night time.

includes 24 hr care of service for elderly patients. visiting hours for families is from 8am to 6pm.
3 meals given, snacks and feeding assistance if needed. daily bathing schedules too.
Van at extra charge for doctors appointments.

A boarding care facility is “at home ” like feeling for the elderly.
Read this article about boarding cares: TO GET AN IDEA ON HOW TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT

total of 7 pages needed.

SEE instructions attached on how to create this business adventure 3 pages goes on part 1: of building up on the idea.

USE APA format and guidelines.

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