Any topic (writer’s choice)

I would like this paper to discuss current research and thinking on either:

a. one of the psychological disorders discussing in Chapter 15 (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, etc…)  or

b. a central concept of development psychology from Chapters 4 or 5 (attachment theory, Piagetian theory, the development of moral reasoning, etc…).

If you take this option, a few general guidelines:

– please use at least six different references in your research for this paper.  You want to look for journal articles, scholarly websites, information on-line from major professional or scholarly organizations, etc…

– the research paper should be written in either MLA or APA format (either is fine depending on your field of study), and your references should be done according to the academic format that you use.

– again, your thinking should focus on current scholarship on your topic (best practices in treatment, current research findings on causes of a mental disorder, current findings in terms of child or adult development, etc…).  Please give some thought to the topic you select and do a preliminary search to make sure you can find enough references and scholarly information. 

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