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In preparation for the Unit 9 assignment, consider the following:

When you are choosing to write either an argument or an exposition, you may be confused about which option is right for you. After reading the case, Timeline: Jared Remy’s Troubled Past, consider what questions you have from an inquiry perspectivenot necessarily from the perspective of a detective or an attorney. While those are fine starting points, you will want to consider what research you can do now to investigate the case further and find answers that other readers would be interested in. Do you want to read the case through the lens of the court, a close interpretation of laws, a psychological perspective, or some other aspect?

You might also begin by simply searching in the Capella University Library to see what information you find on the case, and using that as a starting point. You may need to use similar cases, related case law, or relevant state statutes as your search terms to expand your findings.

Once you have begun to find some materials, you can begin to determine whether you want to develop an argument or an exposition of some type. If you choose the expository research essay, you will be providing an informational researched perspective on the case. You will synthesize the information and other scholarly perspectives from the sources you find in the library to present a new informational lens on the case. For the researched argument, you will need to present your own point of view or perspective on the case, which you will support with sources you find in the library.

Please note that in both cases, you will need to take account for multiple perspectives and not merely present a single lens on the case. This is called being fair minded in your writing. For arguments, you address the counter arguments that are most logical. For expository writing, you need to be inclusive of multiple points of view as you synthesize the voices of the field.

Review the specific requirements for completing the paper in the assignment instructions for the Unit 9 assignment.
Academic Writing Task Draft
Based on the preparation you did in the previous unit’s study, for this discussion, submit the rough draft of your academic paper for peer review. See the complete assignment instructions in Unit 9 to complete your draft.

For this assignment, you will finalize your academic paper draft submitted in the previous unit’s discussion. In completing your paper, keep in mind that criminal Justice writing may typically be viewed as existing in the field, but many criminal justice professionals actually work in more academic areas, including court analyst and journalism positions. Of course, some academic positions include teaching and research positions, as well. Learning to conduct research writing for a more academic audience and purpose is important for career prospects, but also to expose you to the sorts of texts you may be asked to read during your academic studies within the program.

You should expect to write between 5 and 7 pages, and use a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly library sources for this paper. Your paper must include a cover page, a running head, in-text citations, and a complete reference list. You should also be sure to properly format the document with APA-appropriate margins (1 inch on top, bottom, and sides). You should also complete the following tasks:

Argue effectively for a claim on a topic for an academic audience.
Use accepted strategies for supporting a claim.
Assess opposing viewpoints and defend your claim.
Organize an argument clearly and coherently, using accepted organization patterns. Employ accepted APA standards for citing and documenting sources.
Communicate in a manner that is consistent with the standards and expectations of criminal justice professionals.

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