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This is a capstone project.

Throughout this semester, you have worked on developing a change proposal and project using the Plan-Do-Study-Act model. You have identified an nursing issue that you feel is significant in your area of interest, and you feel a change is needed.

For this paper, you will utilize what you have learned in the Group Discussions and Assignments, and put them in a format that may help you to convince your co-workers that a change is needed and can be effective.

An abstract is not required, however all other rules of APA format will be adhered to.

Warning!  The template provided is not in APA format.  Each heading has the “Level of heading” identified.  You will be responsible for including all listed headings in your paper and placing them in the proper APA format.  The level requirements are available on page 62 of the APA Manual, 6th edition.  Please note that the APA manual states there is not a heading for the introduction section (pg 63).

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