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Consider the cost of textbooks in college, understand the options to overcome the cost, and develop an opinion on the subject.

Reflect on the cost of being a college student. Try to identify not just your own challenges with funding your own education BUT think of the other student populations who attend community college. Now think specifically about the cost of textbooks. Where you surprised by the cost of textbooks? Have you ever considered not purchasing a required textbook because of the cost? What if textbook was free?

Read the magazine articles on free and low cost open resource textbooks for college students that I have uploaded so you can review them

Open Source Savings article

Open textbook article

Listen to the audio of an article related to zero cost textbooks and grant projects offering entire degrees with free textbooks:

Play media comment.

Write a one page response (300 to 500 words) weighing the pros and cons of open textbooks AND state your opinion using the evidence from the sources provided

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