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Part II. Please read the following three articles on Race and the UX (User Experience) and write a 300-350 word minimum response answering the following questions:

    The link below is Safiya Umoja Nobles 2018 book Algorithms of Oppression. We will read Chapter 3: Searching for People and Communities from pages 110-118. Please also see the Google Search image from 2013 on page 21.


    This article is from the Black UX Collective on Medium in which Black designers talk about their experiences. Its called From Google to Amazon to Self-Driving Cars: How Racially Biased Products Hurt Users with Dark Skin.

    This text is from a keynote speaker talk by Sumana Harihareswara for the Code4Lib organization which is a group of coders who work for libraries, museums, and archives. Its called User Experience is a Social Justice Issue

One of the main questions I want us to consider is the question from the subheading of the Medium article How Does Technology Become Racially Biased? Please address this question when writing up responses to these articles for Week 6. Another question to consider is What is the User Experience and how is it related to identity and race? A third: How does creating documents for marginalized communities and underrepresented groups benefit everyone? Please post specific quotes, refer to specific images, specific data points and examples to show that you read the articles. You may comment on sections that were meaningful to you, what you learned, and how you might incorporate UX design principles that are centered on racial inclusivity in your Unit 2 projects (and possibly your Unit 3 projects in which you’ll create external documents for a company such as infographics and press releases–if you’re thinking that far ahead).

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