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This case should be at least 2 pages and include 3 outside sources in APA formatting.

Sally Soprano is a distinguished older soprano who has not had a lead role in two years. The Lyric Opera has a production of Norma opening in three weeks, and the soprano who has been engaged to sing the title role has developed a condition requiring surgery before the performance. The Lyric is eager to hire Sally, and the trustees have authorized the business manager to offer up to $45,000 for the lead. Naturally, the Lyric, which is a not-for-profit organization, would like the salary to be lower, if possible. The origional soprano hired for the lead was to have been paid $30,000, and the rather inexperienced secondary soprano is being paid $14,000. (Industry practice is that lead roles receive about twice the amount received by secondary role singers.) Four years ago, at the height of her career, Sally received $22,000 fore the lead role, but inflation and an increase in opera’s popularity have nearly doubled the salary scale since then.
Sally desperately wants the role, which could give her a chance at forthcoming television special. She would be willing to sing for the part for nothing, except the impact on future engagements and reputation. Her salaries for secondary roles over the last two years have ranged from $10,000 to $18,000; more than a year ago she received $12,500 for singing the secondary role in Norma at the Lyric. Last year, an inexperienced soprano who sang the lead role is rumored to have been paid more than $24,000.
One of you will read the “confidential instructions for Sally’s agent” and one of you will read “Confidential Instructions for Lyric Opera Manager”,

1. What monetary interests does each side have? What monetary interests do they have that go beyond this particular negotiation? (Here you need to be creative- try to use one outside source).
2. What options other than salary did you explore for negotiation? (Here you need to be creative ex. X percent of ticket revenues after Sally’s name is publicly announced minus average ticket sales in three weeks prior to opening… an agreement of X advertising budget with Sally’s name etc.)
3: What are the issues to be considered?
4. What are the alternatives?
5. What interest does each party have in pursuing a good working relationship?
6. How should these interests (in a good working relationship or not) reflect in the negotiation?
7. What would be a possible good outcome?

After you negotiate with your partner answer the following: (This can be done as a group)
1. What is your BATNA?
2. What is the value of the BATNA in terms of the “currencies” that will be on the table in the negotiation e.g., dollars, publicity, risks, etc.?
3. Did you think your BATNA was stronger or weaker than the other side’s?
4. What can each side do to improve BATNA?
5. What do you think was the most persuasive out of each party’s negotiation?
6. Was the outcome binding and final?
7. Was this discussed explicitly or just assumed?

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