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Discussion – Week 5
How could an administrator or other leaders working with faculty and staff like those in the audio program do a better job of addressing their differing perspectives?

Leadership is a role in groups and organizations.  When used as a collective noun can refer to those responsible for the destiny of a country or a company.  Administrators and other leaders need to realize that leading is a collective motion.  Each faculty and staff in the audio program has a recommendation or idea to deal with the challenges they are facing. According to Sadler (2003) leaders lead by inspiring rather than ordering by enabling people to use their own initiative and experiences. The administrator or other leader could consult with each faculty and staff on their idea of how to deal with the problems; then come to a solution together.

What leadership challenges have you faced in your work environment?
Leaders neglecting their roles and fail to prove the necessary guidance.
Leaders always believed are correct they might ask for your opinion but it is not valid and afraid to admit mistake. 
Leaders are afraid to accept changes.
The ratio between class size and teachers. Classrooms are overcrowded and its very hard for the teachers to reach each student.

The leadership challenges that I faced in my working environment are similar to those highlighted in the audio program .the narrator state that the challenges the first faculty faced are accommodating the enrollment numbers needed to make the budget work, and ensuring students have a positive learning experience.  The adjunct instructor challenge was a lack of communication, due to his working hour he was unable to communicate with the leaders. Lock of supervision was also a challenge because if he cannot communicate with the leader due to this working; when he reaches work no one is there to supervise him because he could relate the issues to the supervise.

Active listening is the leadership skill that appears to be necessary for higher education institutions. Active listening can be a powerful tool for a leader and a great way to gain information and perspective.

How do you see people in these roles employing leadership strategies to effect change in the institution?
Leaders can employ leadership strategies to effect changes in the institution. Leader can employ turnaround leadership strategies; listen link and lead.  Effective turnaround leaders in universities listen first, and then link together what is learned and only when this done do they lead. These strategies will effect changes in the institution in light of the evidence of successful implement and impact changes (Fullan & Scott 2009).

Are there common leadership strategies or qualities you can identify in the readings, in the audio program, and in the position announcements, you found for the Application Assignment?
There are common leadership strategies and qualities that I have identify-:

Self-organization skills

Do people in different roles or at different levels within the institution use different leadership strategies? How?
Yes, people in different roles or at different levels within the institutions use different leadership strategies. The structure of the institution is made up of several departments. Not all strategies work for the same problem; Fullan and Scott (2009) stated that within the cognitive capability disciplinary or administrative dimensions determine if the problem is worth addressing in detail and then have the ability to match an appropriate course of action to the diagnosis.


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Propose an alternative viewpoint to your colleagues stance on how different roles at different levels apply different leadership strategies.
Share an insight or experience that demonstrates your colleagues stance on how leadership can influence change.base information on my current job as army reserve staff non-commissioned officer
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