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SHORT ANSWER:  Using your assigned text readings, class notes and the provided solicitation materials (see Canvas), read the following questions and answer each accordingly.  Each answer should be a no more than a few paragraphs of your own work, and in your own words.  Type your answers directly into the document following each question, but in a different font/color (like dark blue).  (TEN Points Each, Total of Two Hundred Points.)

1.    Are there any pre-proposal documents?  If so, what kind?
2.    Who issued the solicitation, what kind is it (IFB, RFP etc), and what is it for?
3.    What is the number (SF, OF etc…) and title of the cover sheet?
4.    What kind of procurement strategy is the Government using?
5.    What type of contract is being contemplated? (FP or CR – specific variety)
6.    When is the proposal due to the Government?
7.    How is the proposal supposed to be delivered or submitted?
8.    Are there page limitations if so what are they?
9.    When should the award take place and what is the contracts period of performance?
10.    What is the time and place of contract performance?
11.    Is the government contemplating award with or without discussions?
12.    Are oral presentations a part of this solicitation, and if so what is required by the offeror?
13.    Does the proposal ask for past performance or capability information?
14.    What is contained in Section C of the solicitation? (Describe)
15.    Are there any special clauses or contract provisions in the solicitation?  List a few
16.    What major items are required to be submitted to the Government to constitute a complete proposal package?
17.    What are the major evaluation factors/subfactors?  Which ones are most important or if indicated, what is their relative importance?
18.    Does the solicitation offer a scoring mechanism?  If so, what kind?
19.    Are there any modifications or amendments to the solicitation?  What changed?
20.    Who is the responsible contracting officer?

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