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Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least three (3) scholarly sources to support your claims, at least ONE per case study. Please include a conclusion and a references page. I have attached the case studies.

The book we are using is
Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing 7th edition
Ginny Wacker Guido
ISBN-13: 9780134701233

Read You Be the Judge presented at the end of Chapter 5 (Guido, p. 65-66) which begins, The patient had an apparent cardiac event at home and answer the following questions:
    What evidence would you collect from the clinic to determine what standard of care was delivered to this patient both before he was seen and at the time he was seen in the clinic?
    What might the familys attorney allege in a supplemental report?
    How would one decide the standard of care for this patient?
    How would you decide the outcome of this case?

Read the case study You be the Judge, presented at the end of Chapter 6 (Guido, p. 94) which begins, The day after surgery the nurse removed a drainage tube and answer these questions:
    Do the facts of the case support the plaintiffs reliance on res ipsa loquitur?
    Does the fact that the defense did produce expert witness testimony negate a successful res ipsa loquitur outcome?
    What other facts would you need to determine if the nurses actions were negligent?
    If applicable, should damages be assessed?
    How would you decide the case?

Read the case study You be the Judge, presented at the end of Chapter 7 (Guido, p. 112) which begins, The patient was in surgery to remove moles from her back and answer the following questions:
    Were there damages that should be paid to this patient for negligence?
    Who should be the individuals responsible for these damages? For example, is the surgeon the individual most liable for the damages owed to the patient?
    Are there any defenses that the defendants could cite that would mitigate their liability to this patient?
    How should the court decide the damage awards in this instance?

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