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Assignment Description:
This assignment asks you produce a short recommendation report in accordance with the scenario below. Format your report as a memo (it would be sent as an attachment through email).  Cite all sources used in research. Indicate when the wording is not your own with quotes and citation. Paraphrase (do not simply copy-and-paste). Use MLA or APA documentation style.

Many companies today provide their employees with professional-development programs, paying for courses they take to enhance their skills.

You are a manager at Halcyon. This is a mid-sized marketing agency, holding its own in a competitive industry, but experiencing the typically higher-than-normal turn-over of such second-tier companies. To date the agency has provided extensive opportunities for employees to seek outside career development. The costs have been considerable, there has been little tracking of results of expenditures on course tuition, and, because the decision to pay for a course is made by each manager, there has been no supervision of all the courses being paid for (in some cases people were reimbursed for classes in cooking and general interest survey courses). Given the current economic climate, the VP of Corporate Development feels the agency can no longer maintain such a generous policy and is trying to phase out the practice completely. The GM has called a meeting of the agency executives to discuss the situation and come to a decision. Jennifer Kulich, the VP of Engagement Strategies, is one of those executives. She is asking all managers to each send her a short recommendation report so she can pool thinking on this issue and present findings at the meeting. In the email you receive, she explains the background (as outlined above) and writes:

What does the research say? What are the benefits and disadvantages of this sort of program for our agency? How should it be done? Is there a way to save it, limit it, modify it or what? What are reasonable expectations for the agency itself and its employees? What about just getting rid of it? Would there be any issues there? Add anything else that is relevant to the topic. Thanks.

On the uploaded, additional material is the rubric of the assignment and also the second attachment is my report. Some ideas I thought of for this assignment.

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