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Final Research Paper
a standard research paper approximately
20-25 pages that offer a deeper exploration of an intellectual question on any of the issues highlighted during the class.  the final paper should offer an argument about an aspect of ethnic violence and/or genocide based
on a historic case or a comparative analysis of two cases.
You must use at least 3 course readings (of course, you can use more) in your paper in a serious manner. This means that just a quotation is not enough. You should engage with the arguments in these readings and use them to help you discuss the main concepts and/or build your own theoretical framework. The paper must have a case study and it must have a concept section and a theoretical discussion. You should make sure that a clearly written thesis statement appears in your introduction and is restated again in the conclusion. You should also include a short methods discussion in your introduction, right after or preceding the thesis statement. Since your main method is the use
of secondary literature, what you should discuss in this method section is why you have selected the specific case study and how this specific case will allow you to comment on the existing literature and will allow you to make the argument you want to
make. This is called case justification. You should use one of the formal citation styles. Please, identify which style you are using in the first footnote. You should use no less than 10 sources, but probably more than 10. It should be clear from the way
you write your paper that you have engaged and thought about the class material.

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