Any topic (writer’s choice)

Compose a standard MLA style paper analyzing one and only one of the following themes from Titus Andronicus
A) Women, Sexuality, and Rape.
Examine the women characters Tamora and Lavinia.  What does the play say about women and their value to their families as mothers and potential wives and what role does sexuality play in a woman’s value in the play?
B) Race, Violence, and Villany
Examine the racial difference between the Andronici, the Goths, and Aaron the Moor.  What does the play say about race and its relationship to one’s character or propensity to violence and villainy?
Yes, you may use elements from the class discussion to help form your essay.
It must include an Introductory Paragraph with a clear thesis.
Your thesis will be which theme you chose and what the play says about your theme
It must include at least 3 Body Paragraphs of analysis
Your paragraphs must include quoted dialogue from the play.
Your essay should be double-spaced and written on the front and back of the page.
4-5 FULL Pages of writing.
Find at least 2 peer-reviewed articles to support your perspective.

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