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    SOCI 406.SECCV95      SOCIOLOGY OF THE CITY          FALL 2020
J.L. Hudgins, PHD, Instructor        DISCUSSION  QUIZ #1

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please answer any five (5) of the following questions completely.  Most questions require more than one answer.  Your completed QUIZ should not exceed FOUR (4) double-spaced Pages.  Please use text references to support your answers. Please send the completed document to me at the email address above as a word document attachment.  Do not use Blackboard to submit your answers.  Each fully correct answer is worth 20 points.
The completed QUIZ is due by 5:00pm Tuesday October 20, 2020

1.    Durkheims Division of Labor is a good way to understand the Industrial Revolution.  How is this relevant to the development of cities?
2.    W.E.B DuBois discussed the role of race in the development of cities.  How did race and slavery factor into the development of cities like Baltimore?
3.    Discuss a significant difference between modern western cities and cities in the developing world (Africa, South America, and Asia)?
4.    What about the history of vacant houses in Baltimore helps explain the current situation with housing and housing issues in Baltimore?
5.    What are the similarities between the history of illegal drugs in Baltimore and the current drug situation in Baltimore?
6.    What is meant by the Black Butterfly and the White L in describing Baltimore? What are some of the consequences?
7.    The current president of the United States has a history of denigrating Baltimore. Is that en effective political strategy?  Why or why not?
8.    Why are city residents more vulnerable to Covid-19?

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