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Write a two-page, single-spaced essay on the following questions, based on the lectures and readings only:

Describe the preponderant power of the US after World War 2 and the strategy of liberal hegemony which US planners devised. What were the major economic initiatives of the US in the postwar period (Bretton Woods, Marshall Plan, GATT), and how did these initiatives accord with the strategy of liberal hegemony? How did West Germany and Japan catch up to the US in terms of world economic power, and how did the ‘Golden Age’ of the postwar ‘Boom’ turn into crisis and ‘Bust’ in the 1960s and 1970s?

Write full sentences and paragraphs. Do NOT DO ANY RESEARCH BEYOND THE LECTURES AND COURSE READINGS. Provide in-text references in parentheses if necessary (e.g. Brenner, p. 45). Show me that you understand the course readings and lectures and can synthesize a concise short essay.

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