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Read Chapters 1-4 of Essentialism by Greg McKeown, then use it answer the following questions

1.  What does the German phrase Weniger niger aber besser have to so with managing time and effort well?  (Be thorough, minimum page.)

2.  What are the four lessons that Greg McKeown learned when he went to the client meeting leaving his wife and newborn behind, in the hospital?  (Be thorough, minimum page.)

3.  What are some key examples McKeown shares as the undisciplined pursuit of more?  (Explain each. Be thorough, minimum page.)

4.  How can time-based essentialism decisions be compared to our closet space?  (Compare the authors illustrations of making closet decisions. Be thorough, minimum page.)

5.  According to McKeown, what are the tradeoffs and why are they vital to becoming an Essentialist?  (Be thorough, minimum page.)

6.  How could you explain the three entrenched assumptions of Essentialism to a close family member or friend, who really needs this?  (Be thorough, minimum page.)

Important Message:- You must the book**** Essentialism**** by Greg McKeown

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