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You are two weeks away from the wedding at the Ice Hotel. The family of your friend, Young Ho have requested a formal status report.

Using the attached template, please provide an update to the family.

You will need to account for the three requested changes. What was the original ETC and EAC? How have the three new approved changes modified the ETC and EAC? What about SPI and CPI? Remember that the wedding day is NOT changing, 11/13/17.

The mpp reflects your fee of $5,000. Assume the following costs for the wedding, with a BAC of $20,000 looking something like this:

Invitations $500

Hair, Photography, Flowers $500

Venue Rental at the Ice Hotel $10,000

Room Reservation for 20 people $400 per night, 10 rooms $4,000

Food and Cash Bar $4,500

Transportation $500

Using your estimates for the Hot Air Balloon, videographer and orchestra, how does your EAC change? Will there be a schedule variance?

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