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Skim these sections:
In the Beginning
The Long Island Rail Road Station
Maple Grove Cemetery and Vicinity
Kew Cards
Homes of Kew

New York Documentary
  Video: Episode 4: The Power and the People  (1898-1914) This episode of NEW YORK: A DOCUMENTARY FILM follows New York into a new century in the wake of an extraordinary wave of immigration and the birth of the skyscraper.
Watch Chapter 6 in Episode 4, 48:40-1:04

Coney Island:

Transit Questions
1. How did mass transit reshape the city as a whole? Why did transit work so well in New York then and now?
2. How did transit reshape neighborhoods in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn? Describe the different types of neighborhoods.
3. How did transit re-shape the Coney Island experience as an urban experience?
4. How did transit represent one solution to the problems of the slums?

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