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After you have viewed the lectures and have watched Singin’ in the Rain and Rear Window complete Microtheme #3. This week rather than applying the knowledge gained in the historical lectures to the films, you will be applying what was learned in the technical lecture on Figurative Techniques.

When answering the essay’s posed topic, it is important to make sure your answer is as specific as possible, as generalities and vagueness do not demonstrate to the instructor that you paid attention and fully comprehended the presented subject matter. A direct correlation will be drawn from the precise and direct nature of your response to the grade you receive for the assignment.

Remember the courses Microtheme essays also serve as a great study tools for the exams. By being as specific as possible in your response to the posed question(s) you should not only have a great refresher for the film(s) but also a practical insight into that weeks technical aspect of filmmaking.

Full credit (5 points), partial credit (4-1 points), or no credit (0 points) will be assessed for the response to the Microtheme Essay.

To be considered for full credit, your response must consist of at least one fully developed paragraph of at least 150 words that directly focuses on the topic to which you have been asked to respond.  A rubric will be used in the grading of the assignment. A copy of the rubric can be found below as well as in the Course Documents folder.

Microthemes must be completed within the week they are assigned. Late essays will not be accepted.

The essay must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of Week 5 in order to be considered for credit.

Please Copy and Paste the Microtheme Essay Title and Question into your document before beginning your response. Save your work in MS-Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf). Submit your completed Essay via the title (Microtheme #3) link below.

Microtheme  #3

Rear Window and Singin in the Rain – Figurative Techniques

After watching Rear Window and Singin in the Rain, choose one (either Rear Window or Singin’ in the Rain) and describe at least four instances in the film where specific types of figurative techniques discussed in the lecture were used to successfully create a deeper meaning or memorable moment. Make sure to name the specific figurative technique used and to backup your assertions with supportive examples from the film (This means — name the technique (i.e. motif, allusion, symbol, etc…) as well as explain what the figurative technique means, implies or represents).

* Remember to be as specific as possible in your response.

*Remember to copy and Paste the Microtheme Essay Title and Question into your document before beginning your response.

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