The essay for this lesson is required to be 1,000-1,500-words and clearly demonstrate your understanding of the prompt. Essays should be 5 or more paragraphs with a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format (

According to David Cooper, the meaning of life is a mystery. Nothing within life, not even life itself, can confer meaning on life; the meaning of life must come from a source beyond life itself. At the same time, we have no conception of what this external source of meaning might be. Show how art, through non-verbal means, can point us in the direction of this mysterious external source of meaning. Choose either a work of fine art (painting, sculpture, poetry, etc.) or a piece of literature (such as a novel) and explain how it helps us to conceive/access the meaning of life.

Focus on work ethic in life, bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, and success.


Meaning of Life from Cooper, D.E. (2003). Meaning. Bucks, UK: Acumen Publishing.

Bobbie Carlyle
Self Made Man

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