Assignment 3: Writing the Body Paragraph

Review the “T” chart you created in Week 2. You will write body paragraphs 2 and 3. Body paragraph 2 is either a similarity or difference paragraph. Body paragraph 3 must be a difference paragraph. Look at the controlling ideas you listed on your “T” chart to remind yourself of the controlling idea you need to develop for each paragraph.

The main focus of this week is the across paragraph transition + topic sentence. However, I expect that you continue demonstrating your understanding of signal words, controlling ideas, within paragraph transitions, supporting details and concluding statements.

Step 1: Write the topic sentence for body paragraph 2.

Look at your “T” chart:

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Last week, I wrote about “cost,” so this week I will be writing about “effectiveness” and “speed.”

When I move from one paragraph to another, I need to remind the reader of the previous paragraph’s purpose.

For example:

(Note Jan 23, 2017 6_37_58 AM-2.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window)

Body 1 = Cost

Body 2 = Effectiveness

Body 2 Topic Sentence:

Though the cost of studying online or on campus is nearly the same, students who work full time will benefit from online courses because these classes are more effective.

Though = a signal word telling the reader that the purpose of this paragraph is different than the previous paragraph. “Though” marks contrast, and this difference paragraph is not like the previous paragraph, which is a similarity paragraph.

Cost = “Cost” is the controlling idea for body one, so I like to remind the reader of what he learned from the previous paragraph before starting the new one.

Studying online or on campus = Always remind the reader what the general topic of the essay is.

Same = “Same” is a similarity word. When I am creating the across paragraph transition portion of the topic sentence, I use the word “same” to remind the reader that the previous paragraph was a similarity between the two topics (online v. traditional education).

Will benefit from online courses = This expression shows the reader my opinion without using first person “I” or the expression, “In my opinion.” Remember that you need to write only in third person from now on.

These classes are more effective = This phrase serves as the controlling idea (effective) and signal word (more). Using a comparative adjective, such as “more effective” or “more suitable,” is a type of contrast signal word.

Thus, the first sentence of the second body paragraph is long, because it does so much: It reminds the reader of the previous paragraph’s purpose while introducing the current paragraph’s purpose. You did not have to write an across paragraph transition for the first paragraph, because there was no other paragraph on top of it.

Pay close attention to the two topic sentences you write this week.

When you are moving from body paragraph 2 to body paragraph 3, you will need another across paragraph transition plus topic sentence. For my mock essay, I could write the following:

Adult learners will not only benefit greatly from online education more than traditional education because online courses are not only more effective but also quicker.

Notice how I used a “not only…but also” across paragraph transition to show the reader that the previous paragraph is a difference paragraph, as well as this one.

In terms of the content of each body paragraph, do it just as you did body paragraph 1. That means you write a least 3 sentences for topic A and use a signal word of either similarity or contrast top “glue” topic A to topic B. Then write at least 3 sentences for topic B. The last part of the paragraph is to write a concluding statement.

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