Audience Analysis Assignment

The essay requirement is in the file “UWP 104A Audience analysis and Email assignment”.

This essay should contain three parts: Audience Analysis memo (650-800 words), Email (250-350 words), Revision reflection (450-550 words)

For the Audience Analysis part, the professional field I want to research is about Investment bank. I am very interested in learning about investment bank. So, you need to find a expert in the investment bank and find some information and do some researches about him.

For Email part, the requirement and the format is in in the file “EMAILS(1)”.

For Revision Reflection part, you need to pretend to you have two peers, and they give you some feedbacks about your draft. And you need to write a revision reflection based on their feedbacks.

By the way, when you are working on the Audience Analysis part, would you like to help me to finish the Audience Analysis table ? It will be helpful for you to construct the whole essay. The format and the requirement are in the file ”  Audience Analysis table Student Example”.

There are two examples of this essay. Thank you so much.

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