Average is Over, https://amzn.to/3e9Lj7I

Average is Over, https://amzn.to/3e9Lj7I , by Tyler Cowen

Critical book review
Read a recent book on the topic of economic growth and write a critical review. My suggested books
are found below.
This critical review should be 5-7 pages in length. The content of your essay should discuss the
1. A summary of the author’s main thesis.
2. What you consider the strongest piece of evidence or logic *supporting* the thesis.
3. What you consider the weakest point or hole in the thesis.
4. How the thesis fits within the theory of economic growth you learned in this course. Does it
question the facts or theory we developed, or support them? How would you describe the
authors thesis using the models we discussed in class?
5. An argument for whether I should assign this book to everyone in a future version of this
An A project: Grammar and spelling are so good that I don’t notice them, and can focus on the
content of your paper. You speak directly to the five content points I outlined above. You include
specific (short) quotations from the book supporting your arguments. You make specific references to
facts or theory from our course and how they fit with the book.
An A- project: Grammar and spelling have some minor issues. You speak directly to the five content
points I outlined above. You use long quotations from the book rather than using your own words. You
make some references to the class material, but it either isn’t appropriate or is not specific.
A No credit project: Grammar and spelling have enough issues the paper is hard to understand. You
miss content points I asked for above. You either fail to quote from the book at all, or use such
extensive quotations that you are not writing your own paper. You fail to reference the class material
at all or use it incorrectly.

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