Balancing Security and Liberty

Should U.S. drones, satellites, traffic cams, as well as ATM and bank cameras be allowed and used to spy on and track American citizens? Should the National Security Agency have unlimited access to all email, cell phone conversations, Internet activity, and digital data of every U.S. citizen? Should the U.S. government be allowed to remote access webcams to ‘spot check’ citizens for potential terrorist activity?  How much access should the government have and what freedoms should be protected against intrusion?

The content of your project should include the following:
1) summarize the issue (research your topic)
2) explain your position (why is it important to you; what are the dangers of taking a different position)
3) suggest a course of action (what is the best way to address both concerns: enough security to be safe yet giving citizens freedom and privacy)

Draft a legal bill of legislation (submit a proposal for legislative change, citing current government policy and how current law ‘fails’ the people, and why change is needed)

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