Black Creative Arts

The Final Paper requires that students find five works (i.e. journal article, book etc.) to support their thesis statement. Utilizing two assigned texts and adding three sources that have not been discussed in class is the expectation. Discussing another work by an author already featured on the syllabus is okay. Students should further analyze the resources provided and utilize their developed language surrounding Black Creative Arts to:


a)    Investigate two unit themes highlighted on the syllabus. The four unit themes are: the purpose of Black Art, Africana Literature, Black Diasporic Cultural Arts & Black Media

b)    Choose one unit theme and add three sources that highlight uncovered elements of Black culture, arts and identity that were not covered in the unit.

Works cited and working thesis chosen by students must be cleared by me six weeks before the assignment is due. Final paper topics sentences and citations are due four weeks before your final paper is due. The final paper is written in Chicago Style, 12 pt. font with one inch margins. Length of final paper is no more that 3,000 words.

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