Book Review/ Critique

After reading the book, From Hurt to Healing what is your review of the text? Write a critique (at least 2 pages) and a give video critique: Be sure to include:
Thoughts, responses and reactions. It can be negative, positive and/or both.
What did you like about the book? What didnt you like about the book? Was it too long? Too short? Right length?
What is your overall opinion of the book? What did you expect to learn when you picked up the book?
To what extent and how effectively were your expectations met? If you could talk back to the author, what questions would you ask, if any?
Are the authors main points effectively presented, explained and supported? Explain your answer.
On a personal level, which habit helped you the most/or do you most identify with? What habit to you need additional help with working on and if you could, what healing habit would you include?
Would this book be appropriate to use with clients? If so, what types of clients and why?
Give evidence-based support for the use of one of the healing habits in the counseling profession? (For example, what has the research said about the benefits of laughter, forgiveness or a support system – these are just examples-choose the one you would like).
Did the authors/instructors self-disclosure help? In what ways? Professionally/Personally? Explain.

*Your answers can be generalized or as it relates to Grief Counseling or Spirituality in Counseling.
If you are taking both classes relate your answers to the specific class that you are taking.

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