The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets about every six weeks to assess the state of the economy and to decide what actions the central bank should take.

The minutes of this meeting are released three weeks after the meeting; however a brief press release is made available immediately. Find the schedule of minutes and press releases at:
a. When was the last scheduled meeting of the FOMC? When is the next meeting? (approximation is fine)
b. Review the press release from the last meeting. What did the committee decide to do about short-term interest rates? How would this impact all rates going forward?
c. What areas of the economy seem to be of most concern to the committee members? 

Many countries have central banks that are responsible for their nation’s monetary policy.

Go to

and select one of the central banks. Review the bank’s policies regarding application of monetary policy. How does this bank’s policies compare to those of the U.S. central bank?

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