Business Court Case

Court Case:

A cashier at a store wore facial jewelry. The company subsequently revised its dress code to prohibit all facial jewelry except earrings. Despite the change of policy, the woman continued to wear her eyebrow piercings without managerial objection. A few months later, however, managers started to actively enforce the policy. The woman was told that she would have to remove her facial jewelry. At this point, the woman mentioned for the first time that she was a member of the Church of Body Modification and that her facial piercings had religious significance. Members of this Church participate in various forms of body modification, including piercing, tattooing, branding, and cutting. The Churchs mission is to promote its adherents personal growth so that they may become confident role models in learning, teaching, and displaying body modification. The Church does not strictly require that its members wear or display facial jewelry at all times, but the woman said that this is how she regarded its call to be a confident role model. The woman was eventually terminated for noncompliance with the companys dress code. After she filed a charge with the EEOC, and during mediation, the employer offered for the first time to allow her to come back to work if she would either use clear plastic retainers or cover her facial piercings with Band-Aids. Although the woman had made the same request when she was initially confronted by her supervisors, she now took the position that only being allowed to openly wear the facial jewelry would fulfill her religious obligations. The company refused, and the case went to court What should the court decide? Why?

Instructions for the essay:

Paragraph 1 – What are the legal issues? What are the legal rules that apply to these issues?

Paragraph 2 – How can the legal rules be applied to the court case? What is your conclusion?

Paragraph 3 – Summary of a related court case found that occurred in the last 5 years and how it relates to the above court case scenario either comparing similarities or showcasing differences.

-This essay needs to be written in the APA format.
-This essay needs to be 100% free of plagiarism.
-This essay needs to include a reference page with the reference for the related court case in paragraph 3. Please also include the internal citation for this reference within paragraph 3.
-Proper spelling and grammar needs to be used.

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