Business Ethics

In this assignment, you will follow and fill out a template that will assist you in understanding and writing a philosophical paper on business ethics and the environment.

The step-by-step guide will assist you in writing an introduction, thesis statement, outline, ethical theory, argument and counterargument, in-text citations, conclusion, and a works cited page. The key to successfully completing this assignment is to follow directions thoroughly and completely.

Download the Philosophical Paper Template.
Work through each step of the process of writing a philosophical paper by filling in the template. You do not need to write a separate paper. Rather, the completed template will serve as the paper and will be graded accordingly. If you do not download the template and follow the directions on the template, you will not receive a grade.

Remember, your focus is business ethics and the environment. The examples in the template include different examples and issues, but your template should be centered around business ethics and the environment. This assignment will be a significant help for you on your final Compilation paper in Module 6.
Upload your completed paper to the Assignment Submission Folder.

Note: You need to submit the template itself to the Assignment Submission Folder. Your answers should be typed out in the template; not written by hand.

I have attached the template

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