business management

answer the questions below based on the case study attached

1.    What examples of environmental scanning do you see in this case? What role do you think environmental scanning played in the companys evolution? What role will it need to play in the companys future?

2.    Using the five competitive factors approach and the information in the case, do a brief industry-competitive analysis.

3.    What types of information do you think Dunn might want from each of the five general environmental sectors?

4.    What opportunities and threats do you think are facing this industry?

5.    Best Buy has 2,600 stores in Europe and China (and has stores in Canada) and is looking to global markets for growth. As the company goes more internationals, what types of external information will it need?

6.    Update the information on Best Buy: number of stores, revenues, profits and employees. Are these numbers increasing or declining?

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