Business Policy

One of the main goals of this course is to allow students who are nearing the end of their programs of study to demonstrate their familiarity with the Baldrige Core Values. For this assignment, you will write a reflective paper that summarizes your experiences in the BUS411 Business Policy Seminar Course. See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.

Submit your completed assignment to the above submission link by 11:59 EST, Thursday of Unit 8.

Assignment Organization and Clarifications:

Please organize your paper accordingly. I recommend using Headings in APA formatting and selecting the Baldrige Core Values that are applicable to your experiences in BUS411 and throughout your studies in the MB School of Business.

Please note this is a reflective paper. It is NOT a summary or explanation of each core value. It is your own personal inflection on which cores values you are currently utilizing, have experience with, have seen demonstrated, will be using in the future, etc. You do not need to select every core value. Select only the ones that are relevant to your reflection.

Late submissions will not be accepted

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