A restaurant wants an application that calculates a tables bill.
The application should let user enter the number of people in the party. If it is more than 6, it adds 15% tips to the total. Otherwise, let user enter the tips amount.
The application should display all the menu items in a ListBox (ComboBox). The ListBox
(ComboBox) should Display the category of food offered by the restaurant separately (Beverage, Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert). The user can choose from one of the ListBox (ComboBox) to add an item to a tables bill. As each item is selected, it adds the price of that item to the subtotal.
The program should include Subtotal, Tax, Tips, and Total fields in the GUI. Also, the user can click the Clear Bill Button to restore the Subtotal, Tax, Tips, and Total to $0.00.
The application should allow the user to modify the menu items in the database (update, delete
and add).
Use the RestaurantMenu database.

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