Canada as a Middle Power

his is the following question that you have to base the paper on:  Is Canada a small, middle, or principal power? Has that determination changed in the last few years/decades? is this categorization still useful in determining Canada’s place in the international system?

1- The paper has to demonstrate  a research capability, argument, and coherent structure
2- there has to be a thesis, which means you have to have an argument. Write the thesis as the last sentence in the introduction.
3- I would like you to say that Canada is a middle power, not a small or principal power
4- be consistent with the question: make sure you address the question above in your thesis and throughout the paper
5- Because you will have to argue, you will have to state the reasons why Canada is a middle power along with analyzing them.
6- please have a thesis because a thesis tells the reader what your paper will talk about
7- use APA style and include reference pages and page numbers.
8- you have to have a minimum of 10 Academic sources. Only use academic sources like Google scholar, actual hard copy books and journal articles  (do not use the regular google )
9-  I want the paper to be 10 pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman with 12 point font
10- 10 pages total, plus reference pages. So this means that the reference pages are not included in the 10  pages
11- the references should be in alphabetical order
12 Avoid any plagiarism, as this class has the plagiarism detector.
13- Please be very clear and organized in the paper and make sure you have an argument
14- keep in mind that this is a political science/international relations class. so it is not an English literature class.  DO NOT BE DESCRIPTIVE; You have to think politically and analytically while writing the paper
15- I want the essay to be sent to me by Feb 27th

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