Capstone Paper, Part II: Quality Improvement Plan, Resources and Conclusion

In week 5 you will write the final section your Capstone Paper. The Assignment you will submit this week will combine the work you completed in Week 4 (Evidenced-Based Practice Plan) and will integrate the Resources and Conclusion details in approximately 3-5 paragraphs for your Capstone Paper. Be sure to include scholarly references identified in the literature review to support your EBP plan. Use appropriate and persuasive language that communicates meaning with clarity and fluency to readers, and is virtually error-free (see AWE Capstone Checklist).
Write a 4-page paper that addresses the following:

Introduction. Briefly review your practice problem and include a purpose statement.

Evidence-Based Practice Plan Explanation  (Completed in Week 4)
Provide a detailed explanation of the evidence-based practice performance improvement plan that you will be use to address the practice problem.
Support your plan with scholarly references (the sources you found in the analysis of the evidence).
Resources (completed in Week 5)
Describe the resources needed to support the change in practice such as personnel time, supplies for staff education, cost of new equipment, or cost of software.
Explain why each resource is necessary.
Discuss all key points addressed in this assignment.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the Capstone Paper Assignment Guide
Locate the most current version of your Week 4 Assignment. You will add these sections to that document.
Review the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist Capstone Level
Note the new expectations for Use of evidence and Credit to Source
Use a Scholarly Voice
Review the Walden University Writing Center webpage: Using Evidence: Synthesis
Review the Week 5 Assignment Rubric
Review Chapter 5 in your Spath text for examples of practice improvement plans.
Spath, P. (2018). Introduction to healthcare quality management (3rd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
Refer to Writing Center guidelines for how to write a summary.

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