Case Study: Culture Clash in the Boardroom

Use your search engine to find an article from the Harvard Business Review September 2011 issue entitled HBR Case Study: Culture Clash in the Boardroom. Read the case study article and write a three page reflection about the case. What intrigued you? What did you learn? Why is this case important to international business? In your paper, please describe how sections of the article reinforced concepts from chapters 1 to 5 from your text. Also, comment on the actions, or decisions made by certain actors in the article showing how your knowledge from international business, (chapters 1 to 5), can be used or considered, for better outcomes.

Chapter 1 Assessing the environment: Political, Economic, Legal, and technological

Chapter 2 Managing Interdependence: Social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability

Chapter 3 Understanding the role of culture

Chapter 4 communicating across cultures

Chapter 5 Cross-cultural negotiation and decision making

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